The Content Bear is a content creation agency focused on helping you get ROI from your content. Every content posted on your website or sent as part of your marketing collateral should be meaningful and move your target audience closer down the buying cycle.

We create content that hits the bull’s eye of results. We are great with words and also understand search engine content ranking requirements.

Your Content Connoisseur

Perfect for affiliate marketers and product owners, buyer guides are core sales-driving pillars for any online business. Let us craft compelling buyer guides for your Amazon affiliate website or other niche website to rank well on search engines and convert your readers to customers.

Content that projects your brand in positive light while inspiring confidence of your readers and ultimately convert them to customers. This is the content you want. Our website copywriters can weave your thoughts into words in a friendly tone to articulate your brand in your industry’s voice.

Descriptions that inspire and evoke emotions drive customers down the sales funnel and readies them for the sale. Let our expert writers craft product descriptions that are search engine-friendly and appeal to the emotions of your target audiences.

Have you released a new product and would like a press release that would generate links and shares across the internet? Our writers create interesting and punchy press releases that are picked by the major authoritative publications and get people talking.

Expose your brand to new visitors through creative guest posts that follow your target sites’ guidelines and standards. Your post will stand out for its punchiness and wittiness, making website owners say “Yes” multiple times to your requests for guest post slots.

Get valuable links from your competitors as well as reputable websites in your industry with an in-depth high-quality skyscraper content asset. Let us do the hard-work of researching and creating link-worthy content that will generate buzz in your industry.

Content Creation Process

Get high converting content in 4 steps.


The first step is to provide the details of your content project. This will allow you to place your order on our website. Provide Details.

The Sign Up process takes 3 seconds (We timed ourselves!)


At the checkout stage, you can place your order for the type of content you need written. We accept credit card payments via Stripe or PayPal.

You can purchase one or multiple contents during checkout.


After signing up, you’ll need to provide your content brief. Be as detailed as possible in your brief to get your content submitted fast. We may contact you with additional questions about your project.

When we receive your order, we’ll assign a project manager to you and get started on your content. The project manager will be in touch to update you of the progress of your project.


Your content will be passed through our stringent quality checks to ensure they match our standards and follow your requirements. Our in-house editorial process ensures you have publish-ready content on time.

Finally, we will submit your content for approval. You can request for two revisions or simply order new content.


Our strength lies in creating compelling and search-engine friendly content in your voice that ranks well on search engines results pages and converts your target audience.


The Content Bear team is an absolute gem! I’ve recieved well-researched articles that are detailed, easy to read, publish-ready and always on time. I’ve found the Content Bear writers to be very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects and they don’t shy away from new or challenging projects. You simply won’t regret having them on your team!

James Doole, Rank Heat.


The Content Bear team has written some high-quality posts for my blog and the team is great to work with. The writers I worked with have an extensive knowledge of sleep topics, are very reliable and their articles are always written to a high spec. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for health bloggers.

Robert Jenkins, Sleep Deeper.


The Content Bear is a reliable and professional writing agency. Their work is thorough and posts are well written. As well as that, they are very dedicated, great with communication and in general just very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them without hesitation.

Kevin Harter, eCommerce Valley.