I’m Kevin Harter, founder of The Content Bear.

My writing journey starts 11 years ago when I first heard that it was possible to make money “writing online”. I started my first stint as a content writer at freelancing gig sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork with nothing but a drive to succeed.

The journey to creating a content agency has not been without its fair share of challenges and trials. From the multiple clients who’d take advantage of my naivety when providing online services to challenges with accessing the internet, I slowly found a way to turn the setbacks and failures along the way to success.

With the onset of the Google Panda update in 2012, I transitioned from producing content-mill types SEO articles to long-form, quality content. This has become the cornerstone of The Content Bear writing agency.

In less than 6 years, The Content Bear has grown to a formidable team that has completed over 10,000 content projects. We have also served over 2500 clients worldwide.

We Believe in Results

As a content writing agency that consistently works with some of the top online marketing agencies in the world, we have come to learn about content optimization guided by buyer intent. As a result, our content is produced with the aim of achieving a particular objective, be it to:

  • Inform, inspire or entertain your audience
  • Encourage sign ups to newsletters or webinars
  • Request for callbacks or purchase products

We are proud of our high client satisfaction rate in the industry, and most of our first clients are still working with us today.

The Content Bear has internal quality control processes, on-boarding and quality tests that make our writers produce the highest quality content for our clients. Our team works collaboratively to achieve the same goals for our clients.

We believe in excellence and adapt and reshape your content to match your industry requirements and voice. With us working as part of your team, you get an experienced team of writers that are ready to hit the ball rolling with your project to help you hit the bull’s eye of results.

Our ideal clients are marketers and agencies looking for ROI from their content.

If that sounds like you, we’d like to partner. Contact us and eliminate the headache of trying to find writers that understand your industry and that will always produce stellar content on time.

-Kevin Harter, Founder The Content Bear